Welcome to Kubrate Learning! We are dedicated to creating an innovative digital learning space specifically designed for K-12 students, with a focus on celebrating and embracing black cultures and themes.

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As a result of the pandemic, approximately 28 million students in East Africa experienced a disruption of 12 months in their education due to school closures. On a global scale, black students are facing a significant achievement gap of 10-30 percentage points compared to their peers in reading and math.

The closure of schools has caused a disruption in the education of numerous children, resulting in a decline in their literacy and numeracy skills. This situation can have detrimental consequences on the future employability and competitiveness of learners worldwide if not addressed promptly.

Digital Lessons

We have developed a collection of animated lessons with a focus on black culture and themes.

Digital Books

Access a wide selection of e-books and textbooks, designed to align with popular curricula.

Digital Assessments

The platform provides support for post-lesson evaluation and progress tracking.

Virtual Tutor

On the platform, you have the option to schedule a private session with a verified virtual tutor.

A lesson on Counting Numbers 0 - 10 designed for Grade One learners.

We are breaking down the curriculum into smaller, self-contained units or modules. Each module focuses on a specific topic or learning objective, allowing students to learn and progress at their own pace. These modules are designed to be independent and can be completed in a flexible manner, enabling learners to choose the order in which they study the material. Our learning approach provides a structured yet customizable learning experience, offering learners the opportunity to engage with content in a modular format that suits their individual needs and preferences. 

Guaranteeing modular learning that is accessible, contextual, and personalized.

For Learners

On the learning space, your child gains access to a variety of educational resources and tools, including engaging animated lessons, e-books, assessments following each lesson, and certified virtual private tutors.

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For Tutors

With the convenience of a dashboard, you can manage aspects of your tutoring experience. This includes scheduling private sessions, monitoring student progress, and monetizing your tutoring sessions.

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Getting Started


Create a Free Account

Begin by registering for a complimentary account on the digital platform.

Update your Bio

The space is personalized based on the information provided in your bio.

Choose a Plan

You can access the space for a free session, but you can upgrade your plan.


Depending on your plan, you are able to connect with verified private tutors.

Be the first to try out our East Africa pre-release! 

PSST! While we continue to work on the release,
it doesn't mean you can't take a sneak peek of what we are building. :)

Pilot Program at Joash Olum Primary School Nairobi

Mbele Pamoja

We strongly advocate that quality digital education should begin within schools, as it holds the potential to make a lasting impact on students' literacy, numeracy, and mastery skills throughout their lives. To fulfill this mission, we have formed partnerships with public schools, providing them with offline access to our platform. This collaboration aims to enhance their digital literacy programs and empower them to effectively build the capacities of their students.

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We are a diverse team of global collaborators working together to create something specifically for you...


Our learning space beta version is now live in Nairobi Kenya.

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